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Documentation for Supported Features in Browser User Interface
Answer ID 8173   |   Last Review Date 02/24/2022

What features are supported by the Browser User Interface?

Below is a listing of both supported and unsupported features for Browser UI.  A link is provided for each section where additional information is available.  The Agent Browser User Interface is only supported for the newest four (4) Oracle B2C Service releases for all customers.

Note: Links for additional information will become active as they become available.

Core Runtime Features


Currently Unsupported Features
 Most Admin UIs and Explorers
•  Integrating with Oracle Applications (Accelerators)
  Outlook Integration

Service and Dynamic Agent Desktop


  • Currently Unsupported Features
    • Undocking Windows


The following runtime features are supported for reports that are configured with these features in the Agent Desktop report designer:

  • High Level Functionality Support
  • Calculations
  • ChartsInline Gauges
    •  3 new inline gauge styles for November 2016
    •  31 of 37 chart types supported
  • Data Types supported (details)
    •  All Supported for columns
    •  Most supported for filters 
  • Formatting
    •  Color Schemes
    •  Column Widths (best fit, percentage and pixel)
    •  Conditional Formatting
    •  Exception Based Formatting
    •  Report and Chart Styles
    •  Report Widths (best fit, percentage and pixel)
  • Record Commands for supported object types
  • Report Linking/Drill Downs
  • Report Options
  • Rollups
  • Show/Hide Columns
    •  Change column visibility at runtime
    •  Column visibility configured in report  
  • Slicing
  • Sorting
    •  Change Sorting at runtime
    •  Sorting configured in report 


  • Chat for Agents
    •  Automatic Contact Match for Each Chat Engagement
    •  Automatic Incident Creation (From a Chat)
    •  BUI Chat Agents can be Monitored by Supervisors
    •  Chat Agent Options (Partially supported in May 2020. Please see BUI Chat Workspace for details.)
    •  Guided Assistance
    •  Handling a Chat (Includes Multi-Chat Support)
    •  Interaction Workspace for Each Chat Engagement (replaces Chat Workspace concept in .Net)
    •  Knowledge Integration
    •  Login to Chat
    •  Masking (if Configured)
    •  Off the Record (If Configured)
    •  Page Peek
    •  Render Text as HTML
    •  Rich Text
    •  Send & Receive Attachments
    •  Spell Check (Uses Browser)
    •  Standard Text
    •  Status Management (Available/Unavailable)
    •  Transfer & Conference
    •  Visitor Browser History
  • Chat for Supervisors
    • Customizable Interaction Workspace
    • Joining a Monitored Chat Session from within the Browser User Interface
    • Monitoring a Chat Session from within the Browser User Interface
    • Private Messaging an Agent within a Monitored Chat Session from within the Browser User Interface
    • Real-Time (real time) Chat Dashboards & Analytics
  • Currently Unsupported Features
    •  Chat for Agents
       -  SmartAssistant
       -  Configuring the Toast Notification

       - Some Communication Center preferences, more details are here Answer ID 9010: Browser UI Core Runtime Features

       - Undocking Chat Sessions
       - Universal Channel Control (CTI integration)

    •  Chat for Supervisors
       - Some Administration Configuration related to Chat


  • Co-browse on the incident and interaction workspaces

    Currently Unsupported Features
    •  Co-browse session reporting is not supported

Knowledge Advanced

  • Adhoc search
  • Authoring
  • Favorite list
  • Linked list
  • Multi-lingual search
  • Recommended answers
  • Answer versioning

    Currently Unsupported Features
     Content Recommendation
     Document Rating
     Knowledge Tool window
     Search Facets

Outreach and Feedback are not supported

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