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Documentation for Oracle Service Cloud Products

Answer ID 5168   |   Last Review Date 06/29/2016

What documentation is available for Oracle Service Cloud Products?

Oracle Service Cloud documentation includes detailed help for product configuration and customization, installation and upgrade procedures, service pack information, archived versions for previous releases, and additional guides.

Documentation versions

Install and upgrade

Documentation Review information about...
System Requirements Operating systems, browsers, and environmental configuration requirement.
System Requirements for Oracle Co-browse Agent and customer environment requirements.
Client Deployment guide

Client deployment and procedures for downloading, logging in, and configuring custom deployment options.

Enhanced Service Console Enablement demo Benefits of upgrading to the enhanced Service Console, introduced with the May 2014 release.
Upgrade guides Upgrade procedures for your installation.
HMS guide Upgrade procedures for hosted customer sites. NOTE: Guide is published independently of quarterly releases.
Security Practices guide (HTML | PDF) Security configuration information.
Accessibility Interface guide (PDF) Using the non-graphical accessibility interface to add and edit data through keystroke navigation. Also consult the Oracle Accessibility Program.


Documentation libraries for related service solutions

Oracle Knowledge Advanced documentation

Oracle Field Service Cloud documentation

Oracle Policy Automation documentation

Oracle Co-browse documentation


Service Cloud videos demonstrate Oracle Service Cloud key tasks and concepts.

Note: As of the August 2014 release, Oracle RightNow CX is referred to as Oracle Service Cloud.

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