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Documentation for Oracle Service Cloud Products

Answer ID 5168   |   Last Review Date 02/22/2016

What documentation is available for Oracle Service Cloud Products?

The Oracle Service Cloud documentation includes detailed help for product configuration and customization, installation and upgrade procedures, service pack information, archived versions for previous releases, and additional guides.

Note: As of the August 2014 release, Oracle RightNow CX is referred to as Oracle Service Cloud.

Installation and upgrades

  • The system requirements include information about operating systems, browsers, and environmental configuration requirements.
  • The system requirements for Oracle Co-browse define the agent and customer environments required to support Oracle Co-browse.
  • The Deployment Guide describes the client deployment and includes procedures for downloading, logging in, and configuring custom deployment options.
  • The HMS Guide contains the most recent procedures for using HMS to upgrade hosted customer sites. (The HMS Guide is published independently of quarterly releases.)
  • The Upgrade Guides lead you through the specific upgrade procedures that apply to your installation.

Documentation versions

Select your product version from the list to see all documentation for that release.

Enhanced Service Console demo

The Enhanced Service Console Enablement demo highlights the benefits from upgrading to the enhanced Service Console, with features added in the May 2014 release and all subsequent releases.

Additional guides

  • The Accessibility Interface Guide (PDF) provides information about using the accessibility interface, a non-graphical interface that lets staff members add and edit contacts, organizations, incidents, and answers through keystroke navigation.
  • The Security Practices Guide (HTML | PDF) discusses security issues and provides specific information about configurations that address product security.

Other Service Cloud product guides

The Oracle Knowledge Advanced documentation provides information about configuring and using Knowledge Advanced authoring, content management, and search features within Service Cloud, including Agent Desktop and Customer Portal.

The Oracle Field Service Cloud documentation provides information about installing, deploying, configuring, and customizing the Field Service Cloud application.

The Oracle Policy Automation documentation provides information about modeling and deploying policies, using OPA interviews in Agent Desktop and Customer Portal, deploying advice on mobile devices, and more.


Documentation references regarding the accessibility status within our products may not be up-to-date. For current information regarding our approach to accessibility, please consult Oracle’s Accessibility Program.

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