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Contacting Oracle B2C Service Technical Support Services
Answer ID 2543   |   Last Review Date 11/10/2021

How can I engage with Oracle B2C Service Technical Support?


Contacting Oracle B2C Service and Oracle Field Service Technical Support


The Oracle B2C Service Technical Support Services Guide provides best practices for interacting with our Technical Support team.  This guide provides many resources regarding lifecycle policies, self-service options, contact management and managing your organization's service requests. For further information, see the Working Effectively with Support series of documents and videos on the Get Started with Technical Support page.

For our customer's convenience, Oracle B2C Service provides regional Support phone numbers at which to reach the technical support team. Because the security of your sites and data is of the utmost importance, only Designated Support Contacts may contact us by telephone to discuss their organization's SRs. When calling, please have your Service Request reference number ready. Unfortunately, at this time, these numbers are only to be used to discuss Service Requests that have already been submitted and cannot be used to create SRs. 

Visit Ask Technical Support to create a Service Request. Please note, in order to address your issues most efficiently and escalate to another team if necessary, we require that a separate service request be submitted for each issue. 

To escalate a service request, please call the number listed for your region. If the agent who is assigned to your Service Request is not available, select the option to speak to the next available agent. When a Technical Support agent answers, ask to speak to the manager on shift. If the manager is currently unavailable the engineer will pass you to their voicemail, or take a message to have the manager return your call. Please leave a good number to reach you. We will return your call within 30 minutes.

As of April 2020, a new phone system has been installed.  Among many features is that if your service request is being actively worked by a specific agent, your call will be routed to that agent's desk phone, or voicemail if the agent is unavailable, rather than the general queue.

To obtain telephone support, use the following regional phone numbers:


Country and Support Numbers
  Country  Support #
 US  800.806.6592
 US (toll number)  1.512.501.7220
 UK (Oracle B2C Service Technical Support - local access)  0808.234.1099
 UK (toll number)  44.118.924.5800
 Africa / Kenya
 Argentina (toll number)
 Australia (Oracle B2C Service Technical Support - local access)  1.800.663.412
 Australia (Toll Number) 613.8616.3900
 Belgium  32.2.719.1324
 Brazil  0800.891.5271
 Brazil (toll number)  55.213.534.7200
 Chile (toll number)  56.2.2830.7811
 Finland (toll number)  358.9.549.41900
 Germany (local access)  492.117.483.9439
 India (local access)  000.800.040.2221
 Japan (International toll free number)  00531.13.1241
 Japan (Oracle B2C Service Technical Support - local access)  0120.623.471
 Japan (toll number)  81.36.834.6900
 New Zealand (Oracle B2C Service Technical Support - local access) 0.800.450.717
 New Zealand (Toll Number) 64.4978.7222
 Singapore  800.1301.550
 Singapore (toll number)  65.6645.1400

Upon being connected, you will be given the following options. Please choose carefully so that your call can be routed properly.

  • Option 1: If you have an SR number and you are looking for Oracle B2C Service and Co-browse Support
  • Option 2: If you do not have an SR number and you are looking for Oracle B2C Service Support
  • Option 3: For Oracle Field Service Support

If you encounter difficulty with any of these numbers, please check with your local telecommunications provider for any special directions for dialing toll-free and international toll-free numbers.

If your company’s needs extend beyond the support levels listed above, please contact your Oracle Sales Account representative to discuss a support package upgrade.