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Oracle Consulting Services can design, configure and implement solutions to meet your business objectives. We can help you improve agent efficiency, design new solutions, develop customized reporting and deliver training, all tailored specifically for your business. Leverage our experience and learn how to avoid common configuration and customization pitfalls.

Why Oracle Consulting Services?

Our Consulting Services team has successfully implemented hundreds of full contact center solutions across hundreds of industries, higher education, and government. We are experts in configuring Oracle B2C Service the right way, so you can avoid mistakes and costly re-work. We have saved companies and organizations thousands of man hours by designing and implementing effective solutions measured again our client's business objectives.
The main reason we selected Oracle B2C Service is the fact that Oracle was the only vendor that had a complete solution including implementation services. We wanted to deal with one company for software and services.
Our Oracle B2C Service consultants are experienced professionals who have an average tenure of 6+ years of experience with Oracle B2C Service. Our team is in direct and continuous contact with our Product Management, Technical Support and Cloud Operations departments to ensure smooth and fast solutions are delivered and maintained
Personally, I was very impressed as well with the teamwork, attention to detail and customer focus you all brought to this project. Thank you so much for all of your support and for making this such a positive experience for everyone involved.

Hear from the Team
Getting to know the people behind the customer makes all the difference; it's extremely rewarding to work with different people, share a laugh or two while we work towards understanding the goals (not just the requirements), and really get invested into the work we're delivering.
- Jon Hilgeman, Technical Consultant
I love coaching our new customers on all the great features our cloud product offers. I find it especially rewarding when my customers reach that "aha" moment when they start saying things like, "The product can do that out of the box? We can now make changes to workspaces, wording, fields etc. ourselves, without waiting for our technical team?! And we can create our own custom reports?? That is so awesome!"
- Renate Perkins, Functional Consultant
My favorite part of consulting is working with our customers to clarify what exactly they are trying to accomplish - and then making it happen. They have a vision, and I enjoy turning that vision into a technical design and then into an implementation that is reliable and user-friendly. When we have productive conversations where I learn about their business and they learn about our product, and we all brainstorm along the way, it's very satisfying
- Eric Gottesman, Technical Consultant