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OSvC Environment Requirements

| 09/27/2018

Senior Technical Support Engineer, Catalin Hurjui, recently reviewed OSvC Environment Requirements in a Technical Support Webinar and responded to questions posed by participants. If you missed the webinar, please click here. Interested in reading through his slide deck? Click here.   To watch past webinars, register for upcoming events or suggest topics for future webinars, please go here.


OSvC Networking Best Practices

Cimberli Kearns | 09/12/2018

In today's webinar, Cameron King discussed how OSvC sites are hosted, how they are affected by the Internet, and how client devices work. His goal was to present networking principles in a simple and easy way. Unfortunately, technical issues prevented us from successfully recording the webinar. We will be scheduling a repeat performance of the webinar in early November.   In the meantime,  go here if you would like to read his script.  And don't forget to review the Environment Configuration Guide. You'll find it loaded with advice.     If you'd like additional help with your environment, consider registering for the next OSvC webinar, OSvC Environment Requirements.


Engagement Engine Basics

Cimberli Kearns | 08/30/2018

Zak is back with more Chat-related lore to share with you. Click HERE to view the recording of his webinar and watch him illustrate what you'll find in Engagement Engine documentation:Engagement Engine User Guide, Answer 7153: Getting Started Guide, and  Answer 5349: Getting Started with Syndicated Widgets.   Go here to view past recordings and register for future ones.


Cobrowse - The User Experience

Cimberli Kearns | 08/22/2018

In this week's OSvC Technical Support webinar, Cyndi McWilliams discussed various scenarios encountered by users working with Cobrowse. She concentrated on Cobrowse integrated with the OSvC console but also included a short discussion of the standalone version. View the recorded webinar and useful documentation: Integrated Cobrowse Integration Guide, Cobrowse Premium Widget, and Add the Cobrowse Premium Widget.   Next week, Zak Bryson will cover Engagement Engine Basics. Visit our webinar page to register or see past webinar recordings. 


Cobrowse - Administration

Cimberli Kearns | 08/15/2018

Bruce Foreman tapped into his deep expertise and discussed Cobrowse Administration during a recent webinar. If you work with Cobrowse or are considering working with Cobrowse, take 45 minutes and watch the recorded webinar. Make sure to also review .    We remain focused on Cobrowse next week. Cyndi McWilliams will lead a webinar on the user experience for Cobrowse. You can register for it and see webinars past and future here. 


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