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Make Do or Make Better?

Cimberli Kearns | 04/19/2018

One of the reasons I enjoy my role as the Technical Training Program Manager for the Oracle Service Cloud Technical Support team is that I work with an Operations team who know how to customize the heck out of the Oracle Service Cloud.   When I needed a way to track the certification level or our team members, Ops provided me with a custom field. When I wanted to determine whether a training module was effective and team members were following a new procedure, Ops created a custom report with performance information. When I wanted to associate relevant trainings to specific types of incidents, an add-in was developed. And when it was suggested that our team’s failure to follow a process was not due to lack of training but to a less-than-user-friendly workspace, Ops pulled together a user’s group to find a way to remodel it. Having worked for so many years with platforms that couldn’t be customized because it was too expensive, too complicated or even impossible to enhance them, I confess that it’s been difficult to change my mindset from, “How can I make do with what I have?” to “How can I use our Operations team and the flexibility of the Oracle Service Cloud to make what I have work even better?”  One of my favorite Oracle Service Cloud learning tweaks was probably the easiest to implement. When I mentioned to our Ops team lead that the log-in screen was underutilized real estate, he tweaked the code and handed the deed over to me. Now it’s a site for microlearnings. Each time a team member logs into the Oracle Service Cloud, their attention is drawn to a process change, a specific support experience moment, or a new knowledge base answer. Given my limited abilities as a graphic designer, the first microlearnings were fairly primitive. I relied on the charm of our team members’ pets and babies to deliver my message. Fortunately, I was able to hand the reins over to a more gifted colleague, Steve O'Neill, who has since taken microlearnings to a new level. Now when team members log into the Oracle Service Cloud, a super-short and highly entertaining Flash video greets them. If they want a deeper dive into a process, a click takes them to a knowledge base answer.  If you are interested in learning more about the clever ways our Ops team has made Oracle Service Cloud meet our business needs, add a comment to this post or drop us a note in the Suggestion Box.  We'd be thrilled to share best practices. 


Chat Reporting

Cimberli Kearns | 03/31/2018

  Have you been using the Oracle Service Cloud's Chat Reporting functionality to its fullest capacity? Cristian Nastase, OSvC Technical Support Engineer, discussed the types of reports available for troubleshooting Chat issues, with a focus on the Chat Audit Report and the Agent Chat Involvement Report. Click HERE for the webinar recording. Click HERE for his slide deck.   If you're looking for specific resources, take a moment to review the Knowledge Base answers that Cristian finds particularly useful.   End-user absent in Chat message Real-time Chat Reporting Chat Termination Event Definitions Useful Chat Auditing Reports Chat Session Timer Chat Presence Management


Chat Widgets and You

Cimberli Kearns | 03/23/2018

Zak Bryson, Bug Diagnostic Engineer on the OSvC Technical Support team, demystified chat widgets during a recent webinar by demonstrating the functionality of both Customer Portal and syndicated widgets. During his demonstration, he made sure to discuss documentation guaranteed to help with widget implementations. See below for his some of his favorite resources.   If you couldn't make the webinar but want to see what Zak has in his bag of tricks, watch his demonstration and hear his answers to thought provoking questions in the webinar recording.   User Documentation Configure the ContactUs Widget Configure Conditional Chat Offering Customers a Chat Session Add the Syndicated Conditional Chat Link Widget to a Web Page Configure the Syndicated Conditional Chat Link Widget  Add the Syndicated Proactive Chat Widget to a Web Page   Knowledgebase Answers Polling Proactive Chat Widget Cookies Getting Started with Syndicated Widgets min_sessions avail vs. wait_threshold attributes  What is the Virtual Assistant?


Troubleshooting Tools

Cimberli Kearns | 02/14/2018

Few things make Elizabeth Tritthart happier than sleuthing her way to the root of a problem. That's why she was so pleased to share troubleshooting tools that can be used if you encounter issues with the Oracle Service Cloud.  Not only can the tools help you provide detailed information to the OSvC Technical Support team that will help ensure a speedy resolution to your service request, but they may even eliminate the need for a service request in the first place.    To learn more about those tools, view the recorded webinar.  Explore the slide deck for more details on those tools.   Be on the lookout for upcoming Ask the Expert webinars. Next in line will be discussions of Chat Reporting and Chat Widgets.


Extending Data into Your Site

Cimberli Kearns | 01/30/2018

As a site administrator for the OSvC site, Levi Dyckman spends a great deal of time designing and implementing solutions using custom fields and objects. In a recent webinar, he shared best practices and tips that have allowed him to accommodate specific processes not accounted for by out-of-the-box data points. To learn more about those best practices and hear Levi's response to questions posed by customers, view the recorded webinar. The slide deck, chock full of information, is also available. If you're interested in honing your OSvC troubleshooting skills, join Elizabeth Tritthart during the next next "Ask the Experts" webinar on February 8, 2018 at 11:00 AM ET.


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