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Managing Session Count for Oracle Service Cloud

Cimberli Kearns | 04/24/2019

Senior Technical Support Director, Marie Lockhart, and Product Support Manager, Shane Parsons, joined forces to illuminate session count management in Oracle Service Cloud and answer questions from our customers in today's webinar. If you missed it, you can watch the webinar recording, review the slide deck and check out the new  If you or a team member is interested in learning how Oracle Service Cloud Technical Support has incorporated Knowledge Centered Service into our agent workflow, please register for next month's webinar,  Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) and Oracle Service Cloud.


Creating Useful Reports in Oracle Service Cloud

Cimberli Kearns | 04/10/2019

Senior Business Analyst Mallory Weber discussed the more complex aspects of OSvC reporting in today's webinar. The webinar recording and slide deck are available for review if you missed it. Ever diligent, she did her homework and provided answers to all unanswered questions. If you would like to visit an online classroom and learn the fundamentals of Oracle Service Cloud Reporting, subscribe to the Oracle Service Cloud Learning Channel, go to the Become a Certified Cross-Channel Contact Center Implementer Learning Path where you will find a section on Analytics. Topics covered include: Using and Customizing Reports, Analytics Navigation Overview, Finding Reports, Using Reports, Publishing and Scheduling Reports, Custom Reports, Modifying Reports, Working with Filters, Using Functions, Using Variables, Using Cross Tabs, Adding Drilldown Levels, Linking Reports, Working with Table Joins, Using the Report Analyzer, Highlighting Report Data, Styling Reports, Charts, Dashboards and Exporting and Importing Report Definitions. You'll be able to watch recorded classroom training, review a student guide, practice in a lab and post questions for the instructor. A short module, Use Reports and Analytics, is available for free on the Oracle Launch Pad in the Administering the Cross-Channel Contact Center Learning Path. Topics include: Opening Reports with Report Explorer, Creating a Basic Report and Scheduling a Report. To register for upcoming webinars or view past webinar recordings, go to the Oracle Service Cloud Support Site webinar page.


Supporting Your Business Success

Cimberli Kearns | 03/20/2019

Today I introduced the Business Sucess Resources page on the OSvC Technical Support web site where North American customers can find answers to business questions such as those involving sessions usage, invoicing, product best practices and sales referrals. Business Success answers have been curated for easy access and will multiply as we add more resources to the page.  If you missed the session and have ten minutes, watch the recording or review the short presentation. If you have suggestions for additional resources, please share them in our Suggestion Box.   If you interested in learning more about reports, please register for our next OSvC Technical Support webinar. Senior Business Analyst, Mallory Weber, will discuss some of the more complex functionality in OSvC reporting and share her work.  


Best Practices for Implementing and Maintaining SSO

Cimberli Kearns | 03/13/2019

Eduard Barsan shared best practices and troubleshooting tips for implementing SSO in today's OSvC Technical Support Services webinar. If you missed him, you can watch the webinar recording, visit some useful resoures and reviews his presentation. Technical Documentation and Sample Code (Knowledge Base Answer) Overview: SAML 2.0 Open Login (OSvC Documentation) Signing in Using an External Identity Provider on the OSvC Login Window (OSvC Documentation) Please make sure to visit our webinar page to register for upcoming webinars.


Tidy Your Database

Cimberli Kearns | 03/01/2019

It's likely you've read an article, watched a video or spoken to a friend about Marie Kondo's advice on decluttering your life. Perhaps you've even sorted  your household goods into neat piles, found what made your heart sing, and discarded all the rest. Whether you're surrounded by only items that spark joy or just wishing you had the time to clean your kitchen, take a moment to turn your attention to database housekeeping. When was the last time you or your administrator took a long, hard look at your database amd made sure it was optimized?   If you think that your database could use some tidying, I have the whitepaper for you. In Oracle Service Cloud: Data Volume Management,you will find insights into OSvC database management capabilities aimed at helping you efficiently manage data storage and meet your organization's compliance policies.


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