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Oracle B2C Service Infrastructure Requirements
Answer ID 31   |   Last Review Date 11/21/2022

What are the infrastructure requirements to run Oracle B2C Service products?


System Requirements
Oracle B2C Service, All support versions


Proper configuration and maintenance of your environment is crucial to your success.  Critical environmental considerations are detailed in the documents below.

Efficient troubleshooting of issues which potentially have an environmental component will require your verification that your environment is configured in accordance with the guide below specific to your site version by providing the diagnostics we require.  Our Oracle B2C Service Technical Support representatives will ask you for confirmation as one of the first steps to troubleshoot such issues, and may ask you to run some tools on workstations to give us a more accurate picture of the issue that's occurring.  

Your IT Contact will need to review the Infrastructure Requirements and verify that the Network and Workstation Environments meet the requirements specified.  We are not able to assist your IT team in configuring or troubleshooting your network or workstations.  We will provide analysis of the issue through the data that is provided back to us that we have requested. Your IT team is required to troubleshoot and configure your network and workstations.

Please refer to the document below for the version your site is currently running for details on the following topics:

  • Hardware Configuration
  • Workstation Operating Systems
  • Workstation Display Settings
  • .NET Framework
  • Supported Web Browsers
  • Mobile Operating Systems and Browsers
  • Oracle B2C Service Wireless
  • WebDAV Clients
  • Microsoft Office
  • Email Clients
  • Citrix
  • VM Ware vSphere

Oracle B2C Service 22D .NET Client Infrastructure Requirements

Oracle B2C Service 22C .NET Client Infrastructure Requirements

Oracle B2C Service 22B .NET Client Infrastructure Requirements

Oracle B2C Service 22A .NET Client Infrastructure Requirements


System requirements differ depending on the type of user:

End-user: An end-user is someone who can access only the end-user interface, such as the Support Home page, the Login and Answers pages and the Account section of the application. End-users do not have a login for the administration pages.

Agent: Agents are users that can access any combination of the administration pages excluding the Administration and Analytics consoles. Agents can access the different records in Oracle B2C Service, such as incidents, answers, opportunities, contacts, campaigns, and organizations.

Administrators: are users who can access the administration features (such as staff accounts and profiles) and/or the analytics consoles. These areas require the most RAM to function properly.


Oracle B2C Service has adopted a "Last Two Releases" policy, which means that new versions of the Oracle B2C Service software are tested using the combinations of the last two releases of the Windows OS (Operating System). If a new OS release, OS service patch, or OS component such as a .NET or a browser releases is announced during the product cycle, it will not be incorporated into the test cycle until the next product release of Oracle B2C Service. 

We will not change the supported platforms in currently released version if a new release of an OS, or component becomes available during the release cycle. Additional platforms would be added for the next release of B2C Service if applicable.

In addition, we do not provide technical support on platforms not listed in the above referenced answer links for Infrastructure Requirements per release.

We understand our customers' desire to utilize new technologies in the OS and browsers. However, we ask for your patience in helping us ensure that the product and services that we provide meets your needs and expectations in quality and reliability in a stable environment.


Oracle provides support only for OS platforms and OS components specifically defined in the "Oracle B2C Service Infrastructure Requirements" document. No other platforms are supported. 


For details on Internet Explorer support with B2C, please see Support ending for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 with Microsoft's ¬†Online Applications

The Supported Customer Platforms Guide for your version can be accessed from Answer ID 6532: Oracle B2C Service Supported Customer Platforms Guides.

For Supported Configurations for Agent Browser UI (BUI), refer to: Answer ID 9527: Supported browsers for the Agent Browser User Interface.