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Oracle B2C Service Deprecations
Answer ID 5974   |   Last Review Date 06/17/2022

What do I need to know about Oracle B2C Service deprecations?


Deprecations of Oracle B2C Service features/modules

Note: This answer applies to Oracle B2C Service.  For information regarding deprecations in Oracle Field Service, refer to Answer ID 9376: Deprecations and Removals for Oracle Field Service..


Please see below for common Q&A about feature deprecations and scheduling.

What is deprecation?

Oracle B2C Service defines ‘deprecation’ as a status where a technology or feature is being phased out of the product and its use is discouraged, often to allow an improved technology or feature to take its place.  The deprecation time period, typically 2 years (although extensions may be applied to specific product technologies/features), is the period from announced deprecation to removal of the feature from the product.  

What happens during deprecation?

During the deprecation period, the deprecated technology/feature is not available for purchase or new implementations. The deprecated item is not enhanced or changed during the period; support and documentation may be limited.  One or more replacement technologies/features are typically made available at the start of or during the deprecation period. The deprecation period is the best opportunity for sites to migrate off of the deprecated functionality to new or replacement functionality.  

How do I know if a deprecation is relevant to my site?

Site administrators should review relevant notices for all in-process and completed deprecations based upon the current release of their production site.  Information about migration and replacement technology/feature is provided in a related answer where available.  Additional information about migration is available in the Update Guides.  These are available in the Documentation Overview answers for each version.

In-Progress Deprecations

These features are within the 2-year deprecation period and will be removed in a future release.  You should begin migration efforts to the replacement technology/feature as soon as possible.

Deprecation Release and Feature Area
 Deprecation Begins  Feature Area  Additional Information
August 2022 Knowledge Advanced Knowledge Advanced (KA) Authoring and Search Administration components are deprecated in the .NET Agent Console
 May 2021 Oracle Virtual Assistant  Oracle B2C Service Oracle Virtual Assistant (OVA) Deprecation begins May 2021
 November 2020 Oracle Social Network  Incident Collaboration (Oracle Social Network/OSN) has been deprecated as of November 2020
 August 2019 Customer Portal  Customer Portal 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 have been deprecated as of August 2019
 August 2017 Social  Oracle B2C Service Social Monitor deprecation begins of August 2017
 August 2017 Outreach  Oracle B2C Service Offer Advisor deprecation begins as of August 2017
 May 2017 Mobile Agent App  Oracle B2C Service Mobile Agent App (TAP) is deprecated as of May 2017
 May 2016 Customer Portal  Deprecation period begins for Version 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 of Customer Portal
 Note: Although CPv2 and CPv3.X have been deprecated, no version of CP has been scheduled for removal yet.
 August 2015 Community  Oracle B2C Service Community deprecation begins August 31, 2015
 November 2014 Cobrowse  Deprecation of Cobrowse Version 1 and Link Widgets - CP2, CP3.0 and CP 3.1
 November 2012 Customer Portal  Deprecation period begins for Version 2 of Customer Portal
 February 2012 CCOM  Deprecation period begins for Version 1.1 of Connect Common Object Model (CCOM)
 May 2011 CCOM  Deprecation period begins for Version 1.0 of Connect Common Object Model (CCOM)

Completed Removals

These features are no longer available after the release noted below.  You must begin migration efforts to the replacement technology/feature before your next scheduled update.

Deprecation Removal and Feature Area
 Removal  Feature Area  Additional Information
 19D  PHP Mail Files  Mail Files deprecation begins August 19, 2013 (a.k.a. mail scripts)
 February 2017   Agent Console  Oracle B2C Service Legacy Console removed
 February 2017   Accessibility Interface  Oracle B2C Service Accessibility Interface deprecation
 November 2015   RightNow ODBC  Deprecation period ends for RightNow ODBC export
 November 2012   XML API and CDI  Deprecation period ends for XML API and CDI
 February 2016   WAP  Deprecation period ends for WAP
 November 2011  Incident Thread Control  Deprecation period begins for v1 of Incident Thread Control 
 (also referred to as the 'Plain-Text Incident Thread Control')
 May 2011   Direct SQL and IAPI  Deprecation period ends for Direct SQL and IAPI
 November 2010   Classic Enduser Pages  Deprecation period ends for Classic End User Pages

How can I stay informed of Oracle B2C Service Deprecations?

All deprecations are announced through the Service Update Notification Console, the Oracle Cloud Customer Connect and direct communications to administrators of affected sites.  To receive automatic updates about Oracle B2C Service deprecations, site administrators are also encouraged to subscribe to this Answer by selecting the ‘Notify Me’ option (appears to the right, below Related Answers listing).