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Supported browsers for the Agent Browser User Interface
Answer ID 9527   |   Last Review Date 08/10/2022

What browsers are the Agent Browser UI supported with?


Agent Browser User Interface (BUI)
Oracle B2C Service

Resolution: For supported browsers, see the Oracle Software Web Browser Support Policy at

* Chrome is the recommended browser for BUI.
****OEM in this case refers to the software manufacturer.

Network Appliances (including Proxy Devices, Firewalls, and Content Filters):

The customer network administration team must ensure that all communication between the Oracle B2C Service application and the Oracle hosted servers is allowed, in an unrestricted manner, through all levels of the customer network. All network appliances must be configured to allow all traffic between the application and the following domains to occur in an unrestricted manner:

* (UK government, US DISA user) (Required for customers using Asset Management functionality)
* (for Co-browse functionality)
* (for Co-browse functionality)
* (For Engagement Engine)

For a list of browsers currently supported by an OEM****

Google Chrome: Please visit the Google Chrome FAQ for a description of the Chrome support policy.

Mozilla Firefox: Please visit the Mozilla FAQ for a description of the Firefox support policy.

Microsoft Browser: Please visit and for details.

The Agent Browser User Interface is only supported for the last four (4) Oracle B2C Service releases for all customers.  Therefore to maintain Browser User Interface support, you must upgrade Oracle B2C Service at least once a year. In order to leverage the latest and greatest of Agent Browser User Interface, we recommend you join the Auto Update Program and stay on the latest version of Oracle B2C Service.