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Co-browse in ICB mode
Answer ID 9400   |   Last Review Date 04/01/2019

Why do I get the message "This link will take you outside of the Co-browsing session. To open it in a new browser window click here" when the page/domain should be accessible to my Co-browse agents?


Co-browse, Chat


When setting up Co-browse for ICB mode, an Administrator for your site must determine the web pages where a customer can navigate and their Co-browse agents will still be able to view that page in a Co-browse session.   These web pages should be entered in the ICB URLs field and match the following pattern:


For example meets the URL pattern as follows:

<PROTOCOL>:  http


<PATH>:  coffeemakers/FastBrew

<PARAMS>:  q = fdserew and t = retail

<HASH>:  email

Note that wildcards (* and +) can also be used in the pattern.  For example, http*://<interface_name>*?*#*  would allow Co-browse agents to view all the custhelp pages for an interface.

More information regarding the URL format and use of wildcards can be found in the Co-browse Configuration Administrator Guide.  A link to this guide is provided in the answer Documentation for Oracle Co-browse