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Documentation and System Requirement Overview by Product area
Answer ID 8030   |   Last Review Date 11/08/2021

What documentation or system requirement information is available?


Product Documentation, Infrastructure and Browser Requirements,
Supported Configurations, Supported Customer Platforms
All supported versions


Requirements differ depending on the product area being utilized. Please refer to the product areas below for details on any of the following topics:

  • Product Documentation
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Workstation Operating Systems
  • Workstation Display Settings
  • .NET Framework
  • Supported Web Browsers
  • Mobile Operating Systems and Browsers
  • Oracle B2C Service Wireless
  • WebDAV Clients
  • Microsoft Office
  • Email Clients
  • Microsoft Terminal Server
  • Citrix
  • VM systems

Select a link below and then select the version your site is currently running.


Documentation for Oracle Cobrowse
System Requirements for Oracle Cobrowse

Oracle Field Service 

Documentation for Oracle Field Service
Oracle Field Service (OFS) Browser Support Policy

Oracle Intelligent Advisor

Documentation for Intelligent Advisor
Intelligent Advisor Browser Requirements

Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)

Oracle B2C Service

Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products
Oracle B2C Service Infrastructure Requirements
Oracle B2C Service Supported Customer Platforms Guide

Browser User Interface

Browser User Interface Documentation
Documentation for Supported Features in Browser User Interface
Supported browsers for the Agent Browser User Interface

Engagement Engine

Getting Started Guide for Engagement Engine

Oracle Inlays

Oracle Inlay Updates

Knowledge Advanced

Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Knowledge Advanced
For system requirements and browser supports policy for Knowledge Advanced, see Oracle B2C Service Infrastructure Requirements