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Auto Update Program
Answer ID 6409   |   Last Review Date 12/07/2022

What is the Auto Update Program (AUP)?


Oracle B2C Service updates


The Auto Update Program (AUP) delivers the latest product capabilities through scheduled, reoccurring updates enabling your business to provide maximum value to your customers, call center agents, and Oracle B2C Service administrators.

AUP empowers you to stay current on Oracle B2C Service features, security and functionality. Application releases occur four times a year: February (A), May (B), August (C) and November (D). The Oracle B2C Service Version Update Policy is important to understand.  

The fixed release dates are as yet undefined, however, they follow the guidelines below:
The third Monday after the first Friday in the actual release month - Feb, May, Aug, Nov. Therefore, you may typically plan for the third week of each of the release months for the general release of each new product version.  

Update Process Overview

The following steps reoccur for each Oracle B2C Service release in alignment with a site's Update Preferences:

  1. An email is sent after general availability to remind your business about the scheduled update. The email will include the 'upgrade site creation date'. (You can skip or reschedule in Configuration Assistant.) 
    • If you have any conflicting production development, please change the site creation date in Configuration Assistant.
  2. A second email is sent seven days before the 'upgrade site creation date'.
  3. The upgrade site automatically begins to build on the scheduled date. A email is sent when the upgrade site creation process starts.
    • Cutover is scheduled to align with the site's Update Preferences (Two weeks later by default).
    • The exact clone start time is not applicable because the upgrade site database is built from data backups. Backups are created at different times in different data centers but are generally reflective of the production data within a 48 hours window.
  4. A email is sent when the upgrade site creation process finishes
  5. ​​​​​​Your business conducts acceptance testing on the upgrade site (recommended)
  6. Cutover to the new production version
    • You can reschedule the cutover in Configuration Assistant
    • Emails are sent to confirm the start and end of the update downtime (Generally five minutes of downtime)

Any contact on your organization record who has opted in to Auto Update Program messaging will receive all the messages listed above. You can opt in or out of these messages by modifying your contact profile.


This presentation provides a comprehensive discussion about best practices for configuring and executing updates for your Oracle B2C Service site. Topics include scheduling options, acceptance testing, and application changes.

Everything You Need to Know About B2C Service Updates


Running the latest version of Oracle B2C Service means that you have access to the latest product capabilities to deliver maximum value to your customers, call center agents, and administrators. Automated updates streamline the update experience so your time can be spent delivering value to your customers instead of engaging in lengthy update processes.


Service requests submitted during the update cycle and after update are subject to the standard service level targets specified for your organization and service request severity. Oracle B2C Service support agreements can be found on the Oracle web site.

Oracle customers are responsible for addressing Oracle B2C Service Deprecations before the deprecated capability is removed and the site’s readiness to update is lost.

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