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Auto Update Program Preferences
Answer ID 9982   |   Last Review Date 12/09/2020

What preferences are available for updating Oracle B2C Service sites through the Auto Update Program (AUP)?


Oracle B2C Service, Auto Update Program (AUP)


The Auto Update Program for Oracle B2C Service is controlled by a number of update preferences. Customers can modify the following preferences in Configuration Assistant:

Configuration Assistant URL By Site:


1. Update Versions

Oracle B2C Service version updates are released on a quarterly basis:

  • A release - February
  • B release - May
  • C release - August
  • D release - November

Customers participating in AUP can opt into 1-4 versions on an annual recurring basis. This preference can only be edited if the production site is on a version that is less than a year old.

Please note - if only one release is selected that puts a site on an annual update cycle and in this case it is not possible to skip an update. If more than one release is selected, the site can skip an update.

By default, all AUP sites are opted into all versions.


2. Upgrade Site Creation Date

The upgrade site creation date preference is specified as the day of the week and the number of weeks after a version becomes Generally Available. 

The day of the week should be set to Saturday to reduce the chance of custom object deployment lock falling on weekdays if a site is undergoing an active changes which involve custom object deployment. On the other hand selecting Wednesday to Friday may reduce the time it takes for the upgrade site creation to complete by avoiding peak times. For more information about the custom object deployment lock, please refer to the following answer:

Answer 4649: Custom Object deployment error: Deployments are currently disabled

The new version release week is week 0. Customers who wish to update after the Maintenance Pack 1 becomes available should select 7 weeks or greater.


3. Cutover

The cutover date preference is set as the number of days after the start of upgrade site creation. The AUP system automatically selects a free time slot for production site cutovers based on this preference. For example, if this is set as 14 days and the upgrade site creation date is the 1st of January, a free time slot on the 15th of January (or nearest available date) will be selected as the production site cutover date. Customers can modify the cutover date and time after upgrade site creation completes by logging into Configuration Assistant.

The Utility Delay defines the number of hours delay before utilities are enabled after cutover. For more details about the Utility Delay, please refer to the following answer:

Answer 8161: Delaying utilities after an update

File Sync copies files from the production site to the upgrade site 8 hours before the cutover, so changes made in the production environment are not lost when the upgrade site file system goes live during the cutover. For more details about File Sync, please refer to the following answer:

Answer 9638: File Sync for Oracle B2C Service Update



4. Other

Oracle B2C Service update related communications are currently available in English and Japanese. Changing the language setting will modify the language used in the automated e-mails sent from Oracle B2C Service update incidents.