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Change upgrade site creation date
Answer ID 10407   |   Last Review Date 07/30/2020

How do I change the upgrade site creation date for my AUP enrolled site?


Oracle B2C Service (formerly known as Oracle Service Cloud) Updates


I need to change the upgrade site build date for a pending Auto Update Program (AUP) cycle.


For AUP enrolled sites, the build date for the upgrade site is communicated to the customer's defined contacts approximately one week before the build process begins.  During the time before the site begins building, the start date may be adjusted, to better align with your business needs.  Be sure to allow time for your change request to be addressed before the already scheduled start date.

The upgrade site creation date for the latest version of Oracle B2C Service can be modified in Configuration Assistant. Please follow the instructions below to change the site creation date:

  1. Log into Configuration Assistant. 
    Answer 10373: How to Access Configuration Assistant

  2. From the Configuration Assistant home page, click on the "Site Operations" hamburger menu to the right of your Oracle B2C Service production site, and select "Manage My Update".

  3. Click on the "Change" link on the right side of Upgrade Site Creation Date. 

  4. Type the date in YYYY-MM-DD format, or click on the calendar icon and select a new date. The date must be in US Pacific Time.

  5. Click "Save.

Note:  The upgrade site creation date for an unreleased version of Oracle B2C Service cannot be modified in the Configuration Assistant. Please wait until the version is Generally Available before changing the site creation date. 

Remember that if the Upgrade site has already been built, your update is "locked-in" to the targeted product release and you must first complete the update to this release before targeting a newer release (See Changing a target version after upgrade site creation).


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