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B2C Service Features That Are Suspended For Cutover
Answer ID 11315   |   Last Review Date 10/04/2021

Which Oracle B2C Service features are unavailable as the production cutover approaches?


Oracle B2C Service, Release Update


During the period leading up to the cutover some functions and features of Oracle B2C Service are suspended. They become available after the cutover completes successfully.

7 days before the cutover:

Custom Object deployment is blocked. For more details please refer to the answer linked below:

Answer 4649: Custom Object deployment error: Deployments are currently disabled

Custom fields should not be added during the week leading up to the cutover as this can cause problems.

24 hours before the cutover:

Utilities for Oracle Knowledge Advanced Cloud (OKCS) for content processing and indexing are suspended.

8 hours before the cutover:

The agedatabase utility is suspended. Please refer to the answer linked below to find out which features will be affected by this:

Answer 348: Utilities included with Oracle B2C Service

Although there will be no message CP files should not be edited as changes will not be picked up by File Sync.

Answer 9638: File Sync for Oracle B2C Service Update

1 – 1.5 hours before the cutover:

Custom Processes (CPM) are suspended ( B2C Service 17A and newer).

After the cutover:

If Utility Delay is set all utilities are suspended for the specified period of time. Please allow extra half an hour for all utilities to resume and start processing data.

Answer 8161: Delaying utilities after an update

Chat will remain offline for additional 30 minutes after the site is back online. 

Oracle Knowledge Advanced Cloud (OKCS) and Intelligent Advisor may remain offline for additional 1 hour after the site is back online. 

24 hours after the cutover:

Release update post-process will block Custom Object deployment temporarily. The duration depends on the size of the database and the size of the gap between pre and post-update versions.

Answer 4649: Custom Object deployment error: Deployments are currently disabled

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