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Unable to create new message bases or configuration settings
Answer ID 7505   |   Last Review Date 06/13/2022

Why are we unable to create new message base or configuration settings?


Message Bases, Configuration Settings, Oracle B2C Service Updates


The 'New' button to create a new message base and a configuration setting is grayed out on both our production and upgrade site.


The ability to create custom message bases and configuration settings is intentionally disabled on the upgrade site but allowed on the production site once the upgrade site is built. These new production records are retained at cutover.  NOTE: Referencing new custom message bases or configuration settings in PHP will cause File Sync to fail resulting in cutover delay.

Edits made to existing custom message bases or configuration settings made on the upgrade site are retained at cutover. The audit log after cutover will retain changes made to both the production and upgrade site even if the values are not retained after cutover.