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Custom Object deployment error: Deployments are currently disabled
Answer ID 4649   |   Last Review Date 08/16/2021

Why am I seeing an error message trying to deploy Custom Objects?


During an Oracle B2C Service update.


I receive the following error when trying to deploy changes to Custom Objects:

Deployments are currently disabled on this interface to avoid conflicts with a scheduled version upgrade.


Deploying (No object deployments may be performed until deployment has completed.)


  • Custom Object deployment is not allowed on production for 7 days prior to update cutover. Note that you can delay cutover should you need to make a critical change to custom objects when you are in a update cycle.  You should delay cutover by at least one week or even longer for larger sites especially if your site is configured to have the pre site created early.
  • Custom Object deployment is not allowed on the upgrade site since changes are not carried over from upgrade to production and testing object deployments is not part of UAT.

For more information on failover refer to Answer ID 8923: Custom Objects & Custom Field Deployment Basics.

While this answer specifically covers custom object deployments, it is worth noting that while the database is undergoing schema modifications associated with an update other schema related activities are blocked and may prompt similar warnings (custom fields, element manager imports, etc...)