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Custom Object deployment error: Deployments are currently disabled
Answer ID 4649   |   Last Review Date 10/12/2020

Why am I seeing an error message trying to deploy Custom Objects?


Oracle B2C Service releases during an update.


I receive the following error when trying to deploy changes to Custom Objects:

Deployments are currently disabled on this interface to avoid conflicts with a scheduled version upgrade.


Deploying (No object deployments may be performed until deployment has completed.)


Custom Object deployment is not allowed on the upgrade site. Custom Object deployment is not allowed on production during the following events:

1. From the start of the upgrade site creation process until the upgrade site is available

2. From 7 days prior to update cutover until the completion of the update cutover. You should delay cutover by more than one week if the production Custom Object deployment is deemed critical.

3. For a period of time (varies by site) starting 24 hours after update cutover until the update post operation completes. The post operation may take several days to complete for large databases and for sites updating through multiple release versions.