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Oracle B2C Service Technical Support Services Guide
Answer ID 9698   |   Last Review Date 06/24/2020

What services does Technical Support offer?


For customers using the Oracle B2C Service Support site or contacting Oracle B2C Service Technical Support


Oracle B2C Service Technical Support
Powering great experiences by delivering world class service.

Oracle B2C Service Technical Support delivers world class technical support to all customers who encounter technical issues using our solution. Technical issues occur when a module, portion of a module or specific product functionality is not functioning as expected.

We know our solution is an integral part of your business; therefore, prompt resolution of technical issues is our priority. Reviewing the information below will help us efficiently work with you to reduce the number of technical issues you have and their resolution time when the do arise.

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First, review the Oracle B2C Service Lifecycle. Knowing the policies for new releases, updates, deprecations, end of life and updates will help ensure that your implementation is stable and your data secure at all times. 

Then familiarize yourself with Oracle Technical Support Policies as well as specific Oracle B2C Service Technical Support Assistance and  Cloud Operations Practices practices. This will clarify the extent and limitations of technical support. Understanding policies can help prevent technical issues from arising all together.

 Policy Resources


Review the differences between our support packages. Having the support package that best fits your needs is crucial for your success. 

Support Package Information Resources


Do you plan on customizing your site? Understand what's involved in Customization support and consider whether additional resources might be useful.

Customization Support Information Resources


Learn the different functions of the three Oracle portals used to manage your support experience:
1) Go to the Configuration Assistant in the Oracle Cloud Portal to configure key features of your site. 
2)  Visit the Oracle B2C Service Support Portal to access technical support through our knowledge base, the B2C Service community and our technical support team.

Service and Support Resources


Make sure you have the right people on your team to engage with Technical Support. Identify who on your team will play the roles of  IT Contact and Primary Support Contact/Site Administrator. The IT Contact maintains workstations and is responsible for your network infrastructure. The Primary Support Contact/Site Administrator performs administrative tasks such as setting up users, issuing permissions, keeping contact records current, choosing settings and customizing the site. These tasks are all done via the Oracle B2C Service Support Portal.

Assign appropriate service privileges for all individuals who will engage with Oracle B2C Service Technical Support through the Contact Management Tool. There are three different privilege options from which to choose:  Manage Contacts, Designated Support Contact, and Community Access.

Contact Management Resources


Make sure that your designated contacts have access to all the training and resources they need to work implement, administer and/or maintain the Oracle B2C Service. 

Training and Documentation Resources


Explore the customer self-service options available to help you troubleshoot issues with the Oracle B2C Service.

Self-Service Options


Review how to submit a service request to Technical Support through our Support Site.  Understanding what to expect from Technical Support and what information you can provide will contribute to a timely resolution of your technical issues.

Understand how to manage your service requests once they have been submitted. This will prevent unnecessary delays in their resolution. The preferred, most efficient and fastest way is monitoring and updating the service request itself by email.

It is also possible to check on or update your service request by calling our Support Hotline. The hotline numbers are region and/or country specific, so please be sure to check the documentation for the number appropriate for the location of your agent or agents.

 Managing Service Request Resources


Make note of the different ways to share your feedback with Technical Support. Learn how your support experience dashboard allows you to monitor the health of your site through trending data.

Feedback Resources 

Working Effectively with Support for Oracle B2C Service Customers (PDF | New Video Coming Soon!)

Working Effectively with Support for Oracle Field Service (PDF | New Video Coming Soon!)

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