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Create an interface
Answer ID 968   |   Last Review Date 12/22/2021

Can I create a new interface on my site?


Interfaces, Site Management
Oracle B2C Service


New interfaces can be created using the Oracle Cloud Portal - Configuration Assistant self-service tool.

This is done by logging into Oracle Cloud Portal and using the Configuration Assistant to create interfaces.  Please refer to the documentation link below for detailed steps:

Oracle B2C Service Configuration Assistant Documentation


Please select the language pack for your new interface carefully. The language pack on an interface cannot be changed. 

When a new interface is created, you must clone the look and feel from another interface on the same site.  The 'default look' option is the primary interface.

The interface creation process is very complex and can be very time consuming.  We are unable to provide the exact time it will take to complete an interface creation as it will vary due to many factors that cannot be predetermined. 

Only one interface can be created at a time.  One interface creation must be completed before you can start the creation of another interface.

Also note, when there are any update transactions in process on the production site, we are unable to create interfaces, disable interfaces, or rename interfaces until all update transactions are completed. Post-update transaction processes can take up to 10 days to complete.

You will need to contact your Technical Migration Manager for any questions regarding the update process.