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Customer Portal versions associated with Oracle B2C Service
Answer ID 9629   |   Last Review Date 09/24/2022

Can I migrate Customer Portal (CP) to the latest version?


Customer Portal (CP) versions in relation to Oracle B2C Service (OSvC) versions


The version of Customer Portal (CP) you can migrate to is limited by the version of Oracle B2C Service (OSvC) currently in use. For example, if your B2C Service site is running on August 2018 version, you can migrate to CP version 3.7. In order to migrate to CP version 3.8, you must upgrade your B2C Service site to August 2019 version or newer.

The following table shows CP release versions:
  B2C Service Version  CP Version   CP Version Status 
 August 2019   3.8  Most current CP version 
 August 2017   3.7  
 February 2017   3.6  
 August 2016   3.5  Deprecated
 May 2016  3.4  Deprecated

When you type https://<your_site>/ci/admin/docs/framework into your browser or click the Framework tab from any page of the Customer Portal Administration site, the Framework page opens.  Click this link to see the frameworks that are available and to set the framework version you want to use for your development pages.  See Framework Versions in online documentation for more information.

See also the CP Migration Guides can be accessed from the following answer: 

Answer 2678: Customer Portal Migrations

OSvC deprecation information can be found in the following answer: 

Answer 5974: Oracle B2C Service Deprecations

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