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Best Practices for Sneak Preview
Answer ID 9045   |   Last Review Date 11/18/2018

We want our agents to benefit from Sneak Preview. What are some best practices for setting up and using this new feature?


Sneak Preview
November 2016 and newer


Sneak Preview allows an agent to view what an end-user is typing into the chat window before the end-user sends the text. This allows the agent to prepare a response for the customer in a timely manner.

Sneak Preview should only be enabled in accordance with your company's privacy and security requirements, which may include but are not limited to any geographical privacy and/or security restrictions (for example: privacy laws by state and/or country). And for that reason, Sneak Preview must be enabled through configuration verbs for each interface required to have this feature.

Configuration Requirements

  • Sneak Preview should only be enabled in accordance with your company's privacy and security requirements
  • Sneak Preview is available for CX Sites on version November 2016+
  • The CP framework version required for Sneak Preview is CPv3.5
  • Two new configuration verbs are required to enable Sneak Preview: 
         • sneak_preview_enabled
  •              -  Enables the Sneak Peak functionality 
                 -  Default is disabled (No) 
                 -  Set per interface
         • sneak_preview_interval_ms
  •              -  Specifies the interval in milliseconds that the chat session sends sneak-preview data to the agent
                 -  Default is 3000ms (3s)
                 -  Set per site
  • Basic assumptions:
  •      •  Chat is enabled for the site and interface
         •  Chat is deployed on your website
         •  Agents are assigned to a profile that includes chat permissions
         •  Sneak Preview is enabled for the interface via the two related configuration verbs

Upgrade Notes

  • The CP framework version required for Sneak Preview is CPv3.5 or greater. (See CP Administration area for more information.) 
  • If the site is upgrading to 16.11 from a lower version, the default system settings apply. The default setting for sneak_preview_enabled is disabled (No)
  • If the site is upgrading from 16.11+ to a newer version, the previously configured settings from the original site will apply

Additional Administrative Information

  • There is a new error message related to Sneak Preview. If Sneak Preview is configured and not functioning, the following message will appear in the CX Console, "Sneak Preview is currently unavailable."
  • Agents using the Service Console and/or the Agent Browser UI Console can utilize Sneak Preview
  • Sneak Preview supports the Chat Consumer API (for example: chat is deployed in-app)
  • If Sneak Preview is enabled, this will disable the previously enabled typing indicator as Sneak Preview will let you know not only when the end user is typing but also what they are typing. 

Agent Best Practices

  • Sneak Preview is a great 'heads-up'! Now agents will know what the end-user is asking before the question is asked. So, it's a good idea to begin searching the knowledge base for an answer.
  • BUT be careful! DO NOT answer the end-user's question before it's been submitted into the chat session. The end-user does not know that the agent can see the text as it's typed. Use the visual cues to know the difference between the Sneak Preview data (before clicking Send) and submitted text (after clicking Send). Sneak Preview data appears italicized while the end-user is typing, and then not italicized after the end-user clicks Send.
  • Sneak Preview supports these end-user scenarios:
         •  Typing and Deleting
         •  Special Characters
         •  Copy & Paste
         •  URLs
         •  Mobile Devices (for example: the end-user is chatting from an iPad)
  • Note: Currently, Sneak Preview is only available for the chat session that is in focus. If the agent is handling multiple chat sessions, the active chat (the one in view) will show Sneak Preview data and the non-focused chats will not show Sneak Preview data.

For more information on how Data Masking works with Sneak Preview, please refer to Answer ID 9046: Masking within Sneak Preview on Restricted Pods.

For additional information, refer to the 'Sneak Preview' section in the Online Help User Guide documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.

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