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Oracle B2C Service Test Site Management Is Self-Service
Answer ID 7850   |   Last Review Date 04/21/2022

What steps do I take to create or refresh/re-create an Oracle B2C Service test site?


Oracle B2C Service


Oracle best practice is for you to refresh your test site on a regular basis: Test site (TST) management best practices  A test site is intended to be a sandbox environment for use in customization development and configuration testing before migrating these changes to your production environment. It is intended to be a current, near exact reflection of your production environment in order to facilitate those activities. A test site should never be a code repository or storage location. Please consider this environment as expendable and ensure any custom code is stored locally.

Steps are provided in the 'Managing Test Sites' section in the online documentation for this service: Oracle B2C Service Configuration Assistant.

For more details about test sites, please review Test Site Details.

Please note that any time you re-create a test site you should complete the following steps before logging into the newly created test site.  The uninstall is required to avoid the error message: "Cannot activate a deployment with earlier version than the current minimum required version of the application".

1. Prior to a test site refresh use Windows Settings Apps & Features to uninstall the test site.

2. Delete the following folder: C:\Users\**your username**\AppData\Roaming\RightNow_Technologies

3. Initiate the test site refresh using Configuration Assistant

4. Follow the link provided in your test site refresh complete notification to install the new test site

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End of life test sites will be disabled and then destroyed two months later.

Knowledge Advanced will be disabled on end of life test sites.

Custom vhosts are lost when a test site is refreshed. This is because the cloning process re-associates the interface by its original name in DNS, which is on our * domain and certificate. If you attempt to access using the custom name after a refresh, you may see certificate or SSL errors. The solution at this time is to submit a service request to technical support, who can manually reapply the custom name for you. When submitting a service request, it is helpful to provide the certificate and as much information as possible.

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