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Intelligent Advisor Update Schedule
Answer ID 6244   |   Last Review Date 11/30/2020

When are Oracle Intelligent Advisor sites updated?


Intelligent Advisor, All Versions


Intelligent Advisor sites are updated automatically once each quarter.

  1. Test sites can be updated in place using the Service Cloud Configuration Assistant at any time after general availability of the new version. 
  2. Test sites that have not been updated in place are automatically updated 1 day prior to production sites. 

Intelligent Advisor Mobile App is generally available at the same time as the quarterly update takes place to that same version.

Recommended configuration and use of test sites:

  1. At least 1 test site should be reserved for ongoing development and testing of production site changes. 
    1. This site should remain on the same release as the production site 
    2. This site will update automatically 1 day before production sites if the site has not been updated via Service Cloud Configuration Assistant. 
  2. At least 1 test site should be reserved for testing of existing customizations in new quarterly releases. 
    Note: Customers should familiarize themselves with changes in each quarterly release and determine whether testing is warranted.  Customers using custom Javascript, controls, etc. should plan on testing each release to ensure expected behavior.  Implementations without custom Javascript, controls, etc. will typically update without issue. 
    1. This test site can be updated to the latest quarterly GA release through the Service Cloud Configuration Assistant by either:
      1. "Upgrade Test Site" (in place update) or
      2. "Re-create and Upgrade Test Site" (replace current test site with clone of production and update)
    2. This test site should be used to test and prepare for the automatic updates of production and remaining test sites.  

The Intelligent Advisor 20C update schedule is as follows:

  • Nov 25th 2020: 20D General availability
  • Nov 26th 2020: Self-service test site creation and updates to 20D may begin 
  • Feb 18th 2021: Remaining test sites automatically updated to 20D
  • Feb 19th 2021: Production sites automatically updated to 20D
  • Feb 23rd 2021: Intelligent Advisor 20D Mobile app available in app stores (planned)
  • Feb 24th 2021: 21A General availability (GA) (planned)

During the Feb 19th maintenance window, all production Intelligent Advisor sites will be updated to the latest 20D quarterly release.

Reminder notifications are sent approximately 1 week before quarterly service update windows.

More information:

The approximate timeline for each quarterly Intelligent Advisor release is as follows:

  • As soon as a release is generally available (GA), the Service Cloud configuration assistant can be used to create updated clones of production Intelligent Advisor sites, and to perform in-place updates of existing Intelligent Advisor test sites.
  • GA + 3 months: Production sites are automatically updated on the third Friday of the month
  • 1 day prior to production site updates: All non-updated test sites are automatically updated

Updates take place in Service Cloud maintenance windows. Maintenance window notifications are sent about 1 week in advance of each scheduled maintenance window in which availability may be impacted.

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