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How can I stay informed about Oracle Policy Automation
Answer ID 9682   |   Last Review Date 07/28/2017

How can I stay informed about Oracle Policy Automation?


Oracle Policy Automation (OPA), news, links, community, features, updates


New content, news and announcements are broadcast on OPA's Twitter feed.

The Oracle Policy Automation community is active worldwide, and growing rapidly. There are many ways to meet and interact with other Policy Automation users. 


Discussion and Advice
The Policy Automation Discussion Forum is a great avenue for sharing advice, ideas and questions without leaving your armchair. Remember to provide answers where you can!

Get Social 
Engage with the Policy Automation community on social media. Follow OPA or share your successes on Twitter or Facebook.  Policy Automation has a YouTube channel with videos on features in new releases, background on the product, with more content being added all the time. Feel free to suggest or contribute new content. 

Regional Partners
Trusted partners with skilled OPA resources (certified in OPA v10 or v12) can be found on the Oracle Partner Network Solutions Catolog. Filter by Location then Distribution Right -> Applications -> Oracle Policy Automation.

In person

Policy Automation Customer Focus Groups
These Oracle-hosted events provides an opportunity for Policy Automation customers and partners to share how they have implemented Policy Automation in their organization, share ideas, challenges and success stories and to hear directly from the Policy Automation Development team on future product direction. These events are held annually in each region. Ask your Oracle representative for an invitation. 

Oracle Service Cloud User Groups
These user-focused groups are held to facilitate discussion between Service Cloud users (including, but not limited to, Policy Automation Cloud Service). Find your local group and register your interest. 

Oracle OpenWorld
With over 2,000 speakers and 60,000 attendees from around the world, Oracle's Event of the Year is not to be missed. Immerse yourself in the latest innovations to build your company's success. Hear Policy Automation experts talk first-hand about how Policy Automation has contributed to their organization's success. Meet with Oracle product managers, consultants, customers and partners to create connections that last a lifetime. View sessions and register online.

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