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Cobrowse does not work in the agent's workspace
Answer ID 5884   |   Last Review Date 03/11/2019

Why does Cobrowse show a message of "Waiting for the customer to start co-browsing..." even after the customer has clicked to allow screen sharing?


Integrated Cobrowse, Chat


Frequently Cobrowse does not connect properly when agents send invitations to start a Cobrowse session.  Even though the end-user clicks 'Allow' within the chat window the agent's Cobrowse screen is stuck indicating that it is waiting for the customer to start.

The agent might see 'Customer accepted the desktop screen-sharing invitation. Please wait while the session is started...'.  The end-user might see 'Initializing and connecting screen-sharing session...'.


Add the utils/CobrowsePremium widget to your Customer Portal pages.  Adding this to the standard.php template is a simple way to add the widget to all customer portal pages that utilize that template.

Oracle Cobrowse will typically launch in ICB (Instant Cobrowse) mode. ICB mode requires that a web page be open which has the Cobrowse launcher script. Only web site content tagged with the Cobrowse launcher script can be viewed by the agent when Cobrowsing in ICB mode. 

This is typically accomplished by placing the Cobrowse launcher script in the global header of a company's web site.  This can also be done within Customer Portal by adding the utils/CobrowsePremium widget to the standard template.

NOTE: The chat/ChatCobrowsePremium widget on the chat_landing.php page alone is not sufficient to add the cobrowse launcher script.

The recommended configuration is:

  • chat/ChatCobrowsePremium - should be used on the chat/chat_landing.php page
  • utils/CobrowsePremium - should be used in the templates/standard.php

Additionally, if the chat_landing.php page opens in the same tab as the chat_launch.php page, the end-user will need to have a separate page open which has the launch script in order to Cobrowse with the agent.