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Displaying the week dates in a report
Answer ID 2217   |   Last Review Date 12/22/2021

How can I display the dates for the week instead of just a number?


Analytics, Date Grouping
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


When I run a report and use "week" as the date grouping, the report lists a numerical value for the week (1, 2, 3, 4...) instead of the date interval for that week.


This is as expected because the 'week' grouping counts the weeks in a year.  That is the numerical value you are seeing.  However, when generating reports, you may want to select Week Start for the Date Grouping field instead.

When Week Start is selected, the date of the Sunday in the interval is listed in the report.  Within the Oracle B2C Service application, weeks are from Sunday through the following Saturday, so the week start is considered to be the Sunday involved with the interval.

For example, if you generate the Answers Viewed report and select Week Start for the date grouping in your report runtime filter, the data is grouped by week and the Sundays are listed in the report as an indicator of which week the data is reporting.

To help illustrate the difference, look at the Date column in the screen shots below:



Please view the online documentation below for further information.

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