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Oracle B2C Service System-Defined Administrator account
Answer ID 2059   |   Last Review Date 12/15/2019

What is the system-defined administrator account?


Administrator Account


There is a system-defined administrator account in the Oracle B2C Service product. The system-defined administrator account is a special account that has a login name of "administrator" ("admin" for Intelligent Advisor) and a specific password. The system-defined administrator account is not defined in the staff account table and has no navigation set or profile configured for it.

New Sites: On new sites, you can use the system-defined administrator account to log in so that you can create a profile and staff accounts. When you first log in as the system-defined administrator, you will generally need to create a profile that has full administration rights and then create a staff account that uses that full administration profile. You can then log out as the administrator and log in as the newly created staff member, which will allow you access to all areas of the application.

For information on adding staff accounts refer to Answer ID 538: Adding a staff account and for information on adding profiles, refer to Answer ID 4352: Adding a Staff Profile in May 2010 and newer releases.

Password Reset: To reset the password of the system-defined administrator, use  Oracle Cloud Portal Configuration Assistant. This self-service tool will allow you to reset this account's password for your production or test site(s). If you have questions regarding the Oracle Cloud Portal service, please contact your account manager.

Limited functionality: This account can only access the Administration Console and cannot access the Oracle B2C Service Console. When logged in as the administrator, you cannot add new records such as incidents, answers, or contacts. Staff must log in using actual staff accounts to add these types of records.

To access private reports: Log in as the administrator and click the Analytics navigation button and open the Reports explorer.  In the right frame, the Public Reports item is listed first followed by separate folders for each staff account in the application, such as Paul Jones Reports. Click the appropriate staff reports folder to see the private folders and reports for that staff member. You can drag and drop a report to a different location or delete it.