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Accounts & Contact records used with Oracle Service Cloud
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There are a few different accounts and contact records used with Oracle Service Cloud. Can you please clarify the purposes for each account?




There are different accounts used in association with the Oracle Service Cloud. It is important to use the proper credentials when accessing the different areas of the product and self-service tools. Below is an overview of the different accounts and their purposes.

Oracle Service Cloud (Oracle RightNow) product

Contact Record:

The contact record is used to log into the end-user pages of our Technical Support site ( There are many options available on our end-user pages. One of the main options is the ability to submit a service request (ask a question) to the Oracle Service Cloud Technical Support. The contact record is also used to access VCIO ( There are different types of contact records (Primary Support, Technical, and KB-only) and different levels of privileges (manage contacts, designated support, and community).

Staff Account:
The staff account is used to access the CX desktop console of your site/instance. This is where administrators can configure and manage the site. Non-administrators can access the CX console to perform tasks such as address incidents, Chat, run reports, etc. Oracle Service Cloud Technical Support is not equipped to manage staff accounts on our customers' sites.

If you are logging into your site for the first time there are no pre-existing staff accounts. You will need use the system-defined administrator account. For more details on the system-defined administrator account, please review this answer:  Oracle Service Cloud System Administrator account  In the Oracle Cloud Portal - Configuration Assistant self-service tool, you can reset/retrieve the system-defined administrator account password. Please see the documentation in the following answer for details on this task.
Oracle Service Cloud Configuration Assistant on Oracle Cloud Portal


Oracle Cloud Portal

The Oracle Cloud Portal is a completely separate portal that uses separate account credentials. The Oracle Cloud Portal is where you will find the Configuration Assistant self-service tool. 

Account Administrator:
The account administrator is used to access the My Account section of the  Oracle Cloud Portal and monitor the status usage of the services for the organization.

Service Administrator:
The Service Administrator is used to access the My Services section of the  Oracle Cloud Portal and administer the Oracle Service Cloud (Oracle RightNow) using the Configuration Assistant self-service tools. Tasks such as, reset administrator password, create Oracle-managed mailboxes, test site refresh (re-create), etc. can be completed with this account.

Identity Domain Administrator:
The Identity Domain Administrator is used to access the My Home and Identity Self Service section of the Oracle Cloud Portal and manage users who will access the Oracle Cloud Services & manage user roles.

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