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Adding a staff account to the Oracle B2C Service application
Answer ID 538   |   Last Review Date 05/22/2019

How do I configure a staff member and sort the order of my staff accounts?


Creating or editing Staff Accounts
Oracle B2C Service, all versions


You can use the Staff Accounts table to add staff members who need to access the administrative pages.

Note: When you add a staff account, you associate a profile and navigation set with the staff member. Those items will need to be created prior to creating the staff account.

When adding or editing a staff account, you define the login information and can also define a name for the staff member to display in Chat and a signature for responding to incidents. The Staff Accounts editor is also where you enter the default country and currency.

To create a new account:

  1. From the Configuration items, select Staff Management > Staff Accounts by Profile (Staff Accounts by Manager and Staff Accounts by Group, also available)
  2. Select New from the Home ribbon options
  3. Complete all fields and Save

Each field in the account editor is defined in the Add or edit a staff account section of online documentation. Many are also outlined below:

Note: If Opportunities is enabled, three additional fields are listed when adding a staff account: Default Country, Default Currency, and Territory.

User Name The user name specifies a unique identifier for the account used during login.

First and Last Names: The first and last names are used when an incident is viewed from the administration pages.

Password: This is the login password of the staff member. The password is encrypted on this page.

Display Name: The display name is used in communication that is sent or displayed to an end-user via an incident response or a live chat. This allows you to identify agents in generic terms to the end-user, such as Customer Service Agent. From the administration pages, other staff members will see the first and last name fields (Sally Johnson) in the incident thread and the Assign To drop-down menus.

Profile: Specifies the profile the account belongs to. Profiles are used to associate navigation sets and define permissions.

Group: Specifies the group the account belongs to. Groups are used to categorize accounts in assignment menus.

Time Zone: This specifies the time zone to be used for staff members who may be working from different time zones. This allows staff members to view the correct time for their location. If you select SAME AS INTERFACE, the time zone will be the value of the TZ_INTERFACE configuration setting.

This setting does NOT display if the staff profile has any of the following privileges enabled: Administration Settings, Incidents Add/Update, Incidents Send Response, Incidents Delete, or Edit SLA Instances. In this case, the value of the TZ_INTERFACE setting is used.

In the continental United States, time zone options are:

EST5EDT -- Eastern time zone
CST6CDT -- Central time zone
MST7MDT -- Mountain time zone
PST8PDT -- Pacific time zone

Default Currency: The default currency specifies which currency you wish to associate the account with.

Default Country: The default country specifies which country is preselected on the Contact tab when a new incident or contact record is created on the Support Console.

E-mail Address: This is the e-mail address for the staff member. Management reports and email notifications, if enabled, are sent to this address for the staff member. If this field is left blank, the staff member will not receive any email communication from Oracle B2C Service.

E-mail Signature: This field defines a unique signature for the staff member that can be appended to incident responses.

Disabled: This feature allows you to temporarily exclude staff members from being assigned incidents or answers or appearing in the views and reports menus while they are unavailable, i.e. due to vacation, training, or illness. You can disable staff members from being active on the Assigned menu. Note that incidents or answers assigned to a staff member by rules will still assign the items to that staff member.

You can also lock the account so that the staff member cannot access the administration consoles. Check the Account Locked box.

 Email Notifications:   Determines what type of email notifications will be sent and how often the user will receive them.

S / MIME: This section specifies the public certificate and private key information related to the account certificate as well as import requirements for the certificate.

  • If you have configured custom fields for staff accounts, click the Details tab and set the custom fields.

To change the order of an account in a group:

  1. Open an account that you need to sort.
  2. In the ribbon of the account click on the Department button located in the show section
  3. In the 'Staff in Group:' section of the account click on one of the names that you wish to sort.
  4. Click the up or down button located on the right side of the staff members list to move the staff member up or down.

    You will be able to adjust the order of all the staff members that are a part of the group of the staff member you are editing, but to edit other groups you will need to open up another staff member that is a part of the other group you wish to edit. 

To change the order of the groups themselves:

  1. Open an account
  2. Click on the magnifying glass next to the group menu of the staff account
  3. When the account menu comes up click on one of the groups you want to change the order of.
  4. Click the up or down arrows off to the right to change the order
  5. Do this for each group (NOTE: make sure that when you have the order the way you want that you click back on the original group that the agent was assigned to. If you do not you will end up changing the group of the staff member when you click OK).