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Ability to drill down in scheduled reports
Answer ID 1729   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

How can I set up the report subscription to allow someone to drill down into the incidents?


Analytics, All versions


It is not possible to drill-down in a scheduled report from a report subscription. This is due to the potential to have to send excessive amounts of data that may be included in multiple drill-down levels.

In order to drill down to lower levels of a report, you must generate the report from the administration pages of your RightNow application.

While drill-down functionality is not available with scheduled reports, you can redefine the report to include all data of interest to the recipient.  That is, you can define the report to include all of the drill-down data in a single level report or you can create a dashboard or container that includes data from several reports, including the top-level report and supporting levels of data.

You can create a dashboard to run several reports at the same time. You can create one report for the top level and then another report for the appropriate drill-down level(s). Then, within a dashboard, you can include both reports so that when the dashboard is sent both the top level and appropriate drill-down data is listed together.

For more information on creating dashboards, refer to Answer ID 2447: Creating dashboards to run multiple reports at the same time.