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Report failing in dashboard but runs successfully independently
Answer ID 8547   |   Last Review Date 08/14/2019

Why is my report failing when run from a dashboard but runs ok when I run it from reports explorer?


Service console, Analytics, all versions


Dashboard is failing to run despite having checked that all reports run when executed separately from the reports explorer.


Although reports have specific run-time options such as the database they are running on (operational / reporting), whether they are set to deferred execution or not, these options also exist at the dashboard level and override the individual report settings. 

If a specific report is built in such a way that it will successfully run on the replication server but not on the operational one (most of the time because of the query size limitation) and the dashboard the report is integrated in is set to run on the operational database, the dashboard will fail and return a message that the report is hitting the query size limitation.

This is due to the database related options on the dashboard overriding the options set on the individual reports. Setting the dashboard to run on the operational database will force all reports in the dashboard to run on the operational database.

This will present issues when building reports that need to run on different databases, for example a 'My incidents' reports that examines a small amount of data and should always display real time results and a 'Past incident search' that is designed to examine a large number of rows from the entire incidents database table.

This is why, when designing dashboards, it is important to consider the purpose of the dashboard so options can be set accordingly and all reports can provide accurate results according to your needs.