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Rescheduling or cancelling an update cutover
Answer ID 1281   |   Last Review Date 05/27/2019

How do I reschedule my update cutover?


Oracle B2C Service, All versions


Available options are as follows:

Reschedule a Cutover:

You may postpone your cutover and choose a new target date and/or time using the Configuration Assistant:

1. Log into Configuration Assistant.

2. From the Configuration Assistant home page, click on the Site Operations hamburger menu on the right side of your Oracle B2C Service production site, and select "Manage My Update".

3. Click on the "Change" link on the right side of "Cutover Date and Time".

4. Select time from the drop-down list. The time shown is US Pacific Time i.e. select time in US Pacific Daylight Time or Pacific Standard Time, depending on whether United States is using daylight saving on the day of the cutover or not.

5. Click "Save".


  • The Configuration Assistant only allows a date with available time slots to be selected. If there is no available time slot on a particular date, the date is not selectable even if it falls within the suggested date range.  

Answer 10494´╝ÜCutover Postponement Limitations

Cancel an Update:

To cancel a release update, amend the Service Request associated with your update and a Technical Migration Manager will respond to your request. Keep in mind that once an upgrade test site has been created, it is not possible to update to a different version of Oracle B2C Service even if the release update is cancelled.

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