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Adding user subscriptions to Knowledge Advanced in a migration scenario
Answer ID 11375   |   Last Review Date 02/11/2020

How can I migrate existing answer subscriptions to Knowledge Advanced?


Oracle B2C Service sites migrating from Answers to Knowledge Advanced


Existing contacts are subscribed to answers, and we would like to migrate those subscriptions.


Documentation for the Knowledge Advanced REST API can be found from the answer Documentation for Knowledge Advanced in the link "REST API Library" for your site's version. Adding subscriptions is located under Content > Users > Add Subscription.

It is important to note that only contacts who have logged into the Customer Portal following the migration (that is, loaded an "okcs" widget while logged in) will be available in the Knowledge Advanced REST API. It could be worthwhile to store the subscriptions on a custom object linked to contacts to maintain the ID numbers following the migration and disabling of the Answer object. A customization could then be used to add the subscriptions and remove the associated custom objects for users once they have logged in again.