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Adding Cobrowse to non-Customer Portal pages
Answer ID 10565   |   Last Review Date 02/04/2019

How do I add the Cobrowse widget to my non-Customer Portal pages?




The Cobrowse Premium widget, "utils/CobrowsePremium", places a Cobrowse launcher script on the page which will allow an end-user to request a Cobrowse session. This widget can only be used on Customer Portal pages. However, the Cobrowse launcher script can be placed on any non-Customer Portal webpage and it will work seemlessly with any Customer Portal pages which share that same launcher. 

The Cobrowse launcher script contains a unique Cobrowse Site ID. The line of code used to place the launcher on the page is similar to the line below.  "<siteid12345>" is the site ID.

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://<siteid12345>"></script>

The launcher script value for your organization can be found in the Cobrowse Administration Console. See Accessing the Cobrowse Admin Console.

Another way to see the launcher script being used in the Customer Portal pages is to view the page source in a web browser and search for the launcher.js being used. 

The process of adding the launcher script to a non-Customer Portal page is included in the webinar Cobrowse-The User Experience from the list of Oracle B2C Service Support Webinars

If you still need assistance determining the launcher script used on your site, submit a Service Request.