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Cobrowse customers have to use Cloud-based launcher script
Answer ID 10456   |   Last Review Date 11/14/2018

Can we host the launcher script locally rather than use it from the Cloud?


Custom Deployment Cobrowse


Cobrowse is a Cloud based product.  Oracle regularly updates co-browsing code to comply with new developments in security standards, deliver improvements in performance, stay up-to-date with the browser technology, deliver new functionality to customers, etc.  The updates can affect both back-end and front-end components, including the launcher script.  By hosting the launcher script locally customers run the risk to miss some important changes, as well as losing compatibility with the latest Cobrowse release.

Hosting the launcher script on customer servers prevents our support from effectively analyzing and resolving issues.  It also requires enhanced level of access to customer’s servers for Oracle personnel, which customers, typically, cannot provide.  As such, custom Cobrowse deployment invalidates any standard SLAs.


Replace the locally hosted launcher script with the link pointing to the Cloud-hosted launcher script.