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Skipping a scheduled B2C Service update
Answer ID 10405   |   Last Review Date 11/18/2021

How do I skip a pending Oracle B2C Service update cycle?


Oracle B2C Service Updates


I need to skip a scheduled update.


You can skip the next update in the Configuration Assistant as follows:

  1. Login to the Configuration Assistant.
  2. From the Configuration Assistant home page, click on the Site Operations hamburger menu on the right side of your Oracle B2C Service production site, and select "Manage My Update".
  3. Click on the “Skip Update” link next to the “Upgrade To Version” field.
  4. Click “OK”.

If you change your mind later and decide to opt back into the current release, please use the “Opt-In” link under the “Update Information” >> “Update Forecast”.

If you are unable to skip an upcoming update in the Configuration Assistant, you must create a new service request. Please allow enough time for your request to be addressed prior to the creation of the upgrade site. Also, customers may not skip upgrades that would cause their site to become End of Life (refer to the Oracle B2C Service Version Update Policy).

Remember that if the Upgrade site has already been built, your update is "locked-in" to the targeted product release and you must first complete the update to this release before targeting a newer release (See "Changing a target version after upgrade site creation").


  • The Configuration Assistant does not allow skipping of a release if your production site version is more than a year old.
  • The Configuration Assistant does not allow skipping of a release if skipping will cause your production site to be on a version older than one year. For example, if a site is on an annual update schedule, or you have already skipped 3 prior versions, skipping is not allowed.
  • The option to skip a release is not displayed in the Configuration Assistant if the site is already locked into a version.
  • The Configuration Assistant allows skipping of the current release. It does not allow skipping of future releases. 


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