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Reset Password ribbon button is not sending email
Answer ID 9999   |   Last Review Date 07/29/2019

Why is a contact not receiving the password reset email after the Reset Password ribbon button is clicked from the contact workspace?


Message Templates Enabled
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


Confirm that the following conditions are true: 

1. The message template Contact Password Reset is enabled.

a) Login to the agent console.
b) Launch the Message Template Editor.
c) Select the interface, then the Contact Emails button in the ribbon.
d) Expand the Account Management section, verify "Contact Password Reset" is enabled.

See also Answer ID 5380: Customizing notifications and email messages sent by Oracle B2C Service


2. Confirm that at least one service mailbox is enabled and able to send outgoing email.

Refer to Answer ID 331: Setting up mailboxes in Oracle B2C Service


3. Check the configuration setting PTA_ENABLED. If PTA_ENABLED is enabled the password reset emails will not be sent unless PTA_IGNORE_CONTACT_PASSWORD is also enabled.

Refer to Answer ID 1575: Accessing PTA Guides