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Find in Authoring not working immediately after full-text search was enabled
Answer ID 9826   |   Last Review Date 01/03/2022

After I enabled full-text search on a content type schema attribute, why are the changes not showing up in the Find tool?


  • Oracle B2C Service
  • Sites with Knowledge Advanced only
  • Authoring
  • Content type schema configuration


I enabled full-text search for a schema attribute on a certain content type. When I try to find articles using that schema element, only newly-added or edited articles are showing up.


Reindex the full text search.

  1. With an administrator account, open Authoring.
  2. Navigate to the Tools tab.
  3. Under "Full Text Search," choose "Reindex."
  4. Next to the content type, click on All, Latest, or Live to reindex articles in the specified state.

Some other content type changes may require re-indexing. Try the same steps above.


For Knowledge Advanced Authoring, the Find search is run for individual content types that are indexed based on the content types configuration. When the Enable full text searching' is checked, the Find functionality will not show changed results until the content type is reindexed. The indexing automatically runs for an individual article when that article is published; however, the indexing does not automatically run when the content type configuration is changed. Manually triggering reindexing will cause all documents to be indexed.

See the documentation for Schema Attribute Options in the Documentation for Knowledge Advanced.