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Knowledge Advanced Search API unavailable if no articles are indexed
Answer ID 11287   |   Last Review Date 12/16/2019

Why do I receive an error when searching in Customer Portal OKCS Reference implementation when implementing Knowledge Advanced?


Customer Portal implementation for Knowledge Advanced


When performing a search on Customer Portal while implementing Knowledge Advanced, the reference implementation or development mode will show "HTTP 500: API Unavailable" until at least one (1) document is indexed for search.


Depending on your content type indexing settings (whether Live, Latest Valid Draft, or both), create and/or publish an article in a content type that has search indexing enabled. That article should have content in at least one field that has full-text searching enabled within the content type schema.

The okcs-content_indexing utility must then run and crawl the document(s), and on the following run index them. The issue should then be resolved within 20-60 minutes, depending on the current time and what action the utility did on its most recent run.