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Working with Selected Products and Selected Categories in Knowledge Advanced
Answer ID 9801   |   Last Review Date 11/27/2018

What Products and Categories will I see when creating or editing an article using sub products / sub categories?


Product and Category listing
Oracle B2C Service Knowledge Advanced


There is more than one scenario the availability of sub products / sub categories might be in question:

I am unable to see all Products under Product Selection when I create or edit an article in Knowledge Advanced Authoring.


When I add a product or category item that contains sub products/sub categories, I do not see all children of those selections listed in the 'Selected' list.


For Knowledge Advanced Authoring, the list of products available in 'Selected Products' is based on the Products associated with the Content Type of the article.  A Product can contain intermediate and end/leaf nodes from the product trees. Each top-level or intermediate node listed causes all sub-products of that node (all levels) to be included in the configuration, even when the actual sub-products are not listed.  When a product is selected at any level, then the other products at that level must be explicitly selected. For example, Product A has sub products L, M, and N.  If  Product A is selected then all sub products L, M and N are available.  If product A and sub product L are selected, then M and N are not available.

The same behavior applies to categories for Knowledge Advanced.