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Bring attention of B2C Service management to a service request
Answer ID 9721   |   Last Review Date 01/16/2019

How do you bring the attention of B2C Service management to a service request?


Working service requests


At any given point in time in the service request process, a verified designated support contact for a company can engage B2C Service Technical Support management by calling their local B2C Service Support Hotline to communicate important issues, discuss a critical issue that could halt implentation or an upgrade plan, or express dissatisfaction with the resolution of or response to a service request.

Once notified of your call, the support manager will  make every effort to call you back within 30 minutes. (Although calls are returned within 30 minutes 95% of the time, we can't guarantee a 30 minute response time.) The manager will review the issue with you, make sure you reach a mutual understanding and provide you with an action plan. It is recommended that you get the support manager's full name, email address and direct phone line after speaking with them.

Judiciously selecting the severity of the issue and giving the manager correct milestone dates will help bring about a timely resolution to the issue. Please note that a Severity Level 1 issue does not necessarily require management engagement. It's crucial that the service update be kept updated through the support site so that all support engineers working the issue are kept up to date.

Contacting Oracle B2C Service Technical Support Services