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DevOps with Element Manager
Answer ID 10657   |   Last Review Date 04/20/2020

What are some best practices for using DevOps with Element Manager?


Automate Configuration Management in Oracle B2C Service, with Element Manager REST APIs and Jenkins


Oracle B2C Service customers in their quest to make changes in their IT systems available to their customers quickly, are leveraging the DevOps delivery approach to build pipelines to automate change management, configuration management and deploy management.

The process of building the pipeline for efficient configuration management in Oracle B2C Service is accomplished using Element Manager. EM enables developers and administrators to transport Oracle B2C Service artifacts developed in one site (e.g. development or test site) to another (e.g. production site) in an automated way. Customers can also customize the pipeline to have validation of imported artifacts or run some automated test scripts to have a better configuration management strategy using Element Manager in Oracle B2C Service. Thus, shortening the time to test and deploy changes into the production sites.

The DevOps with Element Manager whitepaper (attached below) provides information on configuring this process.