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Syndicated Proactive chat_landing page changes size
Answer ID 9670   |   Last Review Date 07/30/2019

Why is the chat_landing page window changing sizes when chat is initiated via the Syndicated Proactive Chat widget?


Oracle Cloud Services - all releases


Customers using chat have the option to set their chat_landing page to open in the same window as the chat_launch page.

They expect that the window sizes remain the same for the chat_launch and the chat_landing pages.

When initiating chat from the Syndicated Proactive Chat widget and when initiating chat from the Syndicated Conditional Chat Link widget , end-users may notice that the chat_landing page window in the first scenario changes sizes when chat is submitting, whereas in the second scenario, the chat_landing page window keeps the same dimensions as the chat_launch page window.

This is the expected behavior and the reason why this is happening is because of the way the "chat/ChatLaunchButton" widget is called by the Syndicated Proactive Chat code.

When chat is submitted using the Proactive Chat widget, the chat_landing page window resizes taking into consideration the "_openChatWindow" function in the "chat/ChatLaunchButton/logic.js".

When chat is submitted using any other means (for instance, the Syndicated Conditional Chat Link), this function is not taken into consideration and the chat_landing page keeps the same sizes as the chat_launch page (when set to open in the same window as the chat_launch page).

The product has been designed as described above for end-user experience purposes.

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