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Error creating new custom object: ...doesn't have a workspace or workflow associated to your profile.
Answer ID 9627   |   Last Review Date 01/14/2019

Why is an error returned when trying to create a custom object record?


All Versions, Custom Workspaces


Error encountered when trying to create a new custom object record:

"The type [custom object's name] doesn't have a workspace or workflow associated to your profile. Please contact your administrator to resolve the issue."


In order to resolve this issue, you will need to create a custom workspace for the custom object type and then assign the workspace to the profile used by the staff account.

Steps to follow to create a new custom workspace:

1. Log into the Oracle B2C Service console using an administrator account

2. Navigate to Configuration -> Application Appearance -> Workspaces

3. Click on New button from the ribbon

4. Select custom object's name from Custom Types 

5. Add fields to the workspace from Insert Field tab

6. Click Save or Save & Close

For instructions on how to assign the workspace to a Profile, see Answer ID 2451: Assigning workspaces to staff profiles.


This error is thrown when no Workspace is assigned to the Profile, used by the staff account, for the type of record which is being created.