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Assigning workspaces to staff profiles
Answer ID 2451   |   Last Review Date 07/06/2021

How do I assign a workspace to a profile?


Workspaces / Profile association
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Workspaces define the configuration of the content panes when you view, add or edit any records. Each staff member is assigned workspaces through the profile assigned to their staff account. There are different workspaces for different record types, including Incidents, Chats, Answers, Contacts, and Tasks. In order to access records and edit a record using a workspace, the profile must grant the ability to edit that record type. 

When a new profile is created, if a custom workspace is not specified, the standard, system-defined workspaces are used. These standard workspaces can be found in the "Standard" folder. Profiles must have a workspace assigned for each record. To remove a custom workspace from a profile, change the workspace assignment to the standard workspace.

To change the workspace assigned to a profile: 

  1. From the Configuration navigation menu, select Staff Management > Profiles.
  2. Open the profile you want to assign the workspace to either by right clicking on the profile and selecting Edit Profile, or double clicking the profile name. 
  3. Under the "Workspaces" (or "Workspaces/Workflows") tab, select the Search icon for the record type you wish to assign a workspace to.
  4. Select the Workspace you would like that profile to use.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Save the workspace.

If the standard workspaces do not fit your needs, you can copy and edit them. Once you have a workspace that fits your needs, change the profile to use that workspace. Custom workspaces can be created and used by multiple profiles.

For more information on editing a workspace, refer to Answer ID 2483: Setting up a New Workspace. For more information on workspace optimization, refer to Workspace Optimization