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Cannot create new custom object / Create New Object grayed out
Answer ID 9842   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

Why can't I create new custom objects?


Custom Objects, Oracle B2C Service, All versions


After opening the Object Designer, selecting a package and clicking on New, the Object option is grayed out. No error or warning message is displayed, but a new custom object cannot be created.

I cannot create additional Custom Objects.


The Create New Object button is grayed out.


Each Custom Object Package is limited to a maximum of 25 objects. This is hard-coded, & cannot be adjusted.  See documentation for further information.

You can create a new package by clicking New > Package. Select the newly created package and after clicking New, the Object option will be active and you will be able to create a new custom object.


In the case of Menu Only Objects you will not be able to modify the Custom Objects after they are created. These are read-only. 

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