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Changes associated with Oracle B2C Service Update
Answer ID 9526   |   Last Review Date 07/30/2020

How do I find out what will change when I update Oracle B2C Service ?


Oracle B2C Service Update


Changes between your current version and your update target version are documented in a number of places.

Update Guides

Update Guides provide information about changes that are specific to your update path. To access an Update Guide relevant for your update, click on the documentation link for your target version, then click on your pre-update production version under "Upgrade from ..." section. Changes are documented under the "Upgrading from your current Oracle B2C Service version" section.

Answer 5168: Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products

Oracle Cloud Release Readiness

Information on new features can be found in "What's New" and "New Feature Summary" section of "Release Readiness Information", which can be accessed in the following Answer:

Answer 7820: Oracle B2C Service Release Resources

Customer Portal Administration Page

Customer Portal (CP) framework versions do not automatically update with your Oracle B2C Service upgrade. Release notes for CP framework versions can be found on the CP Administration page under "Framework" - "Framework Versions". The CP Administration page can be accessed by using the following URL:

<your customer portal domain>/ci/admin/docs/framework

API Guides

API changes are documented in the relevant API guide, which can be accessed from:

Answer 5169: Technical Documentation and Sample Code

For example, changes to Connect Web Services for SOAP can be found in the Release Notes section of the Connect Web Services for SOAP Developer Guide.

Service Update Notification (SUN)

The Service Update Notification (SUN) report is an out of the box report accessible by users with administrator access. This report contains changes in the product, compatibility exceptions and deprecation information. To access the SUN report for the target version you are updating to, you must either update your test site (TST site) to the target version through the Configuration Assistant, or wait until an Upgrade Site is provided for testing.

For more details about the SUN report, please refer to the following: 

Answer 4339: Service Update Notifications

Instructions on how to update your TST site can be found in the Configuration Assistant user manual:

Answer 7537: Oracle B2C Service Configuration Assistant on Oracle Cloud Portal

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