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Drop-down menus don't display on agent's side
Answer ID 9222   |   Last Review Date 12/24/2018

Why can't the agent see drop-down menus during a Cobrowse session?


Cobrowse Instant mode (ICB)


Due to the technology used with Instant Cobrowse, there are limitations to what will display on the agent's side during an Instant Cobrowse session. One of these limitations is the display of a drop-down menu.

When the end-user customer clicks on a drop-down list, it opens all the options of the list. At that moment in the Agent's view, the drop-down list is displayed in a closed state. When the end-user selects an option the list closes with the selected option reflected on it. The option that the end-user selected will be displayed in the Agent's view. So the end-user's final selection is displayed on the Agent's side, but the open state of the drop-down list is not displayed. That same logic works when the Agent selects an option from the drop-down list having full control. In that case, the selected value is displayed on the end-user's browser but not the open state of the drop-down list.

If the Cobrowse agent needs to see the full drop-down list, they need to escalate the Cobrowse session to Advanced mode (ACB).

For further information about the limitations of ICB, see Answer ID 9220: Instant Cobrowse is not displaying correctly