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Not all attachments displayed in Print Message Templates
Answer ID 9214   |   Last Review Date 12/24/2018

Why am I not seeing all of the attachments listed when using my Print Answer message template?


Message Templates, Answers


The print templates have been designed to include a list of file attachment links. As long as the file attachments exist in the record that the print template references, then that list of attachment links will display.

However, if you are leveraging the use of shared sibling attachments, then you may not see all of the expected attachments in your answers. When the print message template is compiled, the system runs a query that looks for file attachments that are associated directly to the ID of the answer that is being printed. Because sibling answer attachments are tied to different answer IDs, the query will not pull in these results.

Because the file attachment functionality is shared for all print templates, it was designed in a way that it is able to pull in the attachment results based on the type of content that is being referenced (Incident, Answer, etc.) and the ID of the content.

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