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Printing custom fields with Message Templates functionality
Answer ID 5689   |   Last Review Date 07/06/2021

How do you print your custom fields in an incident or contact with the Message Templates functionality?


Message Templates


Message templates functionality allows you to customize the print templates that are used for viewing records and items from the agent desktop as well as printing hardcopies of your records, including any custom fields you may have added to the workspace.

Standalone print templates are available for the following record types: incidents, answers, tasks, organizations, contacts, opportunities, quotes, and assets. Print templates can be customized to apply your organization's brand, add dynamic content, and display custom fields you may be using. To add custom fields to a Print Template, take these steps:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Site Configuration > Message Templates
  2. Click on "Print Pages" in the ribbon
  3. Click "Edit" next to the Print Page you wish to edit
  4. Click where you want to add the custom field value
  5. Click "Merge Field" under Dynamic Content in the Toolbox
  6. Custom fields are listed with standard object fields. Select the field you wish to add and click OK.
  7. Save and Deploy your changes

Another option is to add a merged report which contains the custom field data. For detailed information and procedures about how to customize your print templates, see Message Templates in the online documentation for your version.